Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mylestone Equine Event

A summer evening in the country for a great cause! Mylestone Equine Rescue exists to provide a home for horses who, having served there "useful" life, are headed to their demise. Mylestone provides a much better retirement plan - an organization I am more than happy to support! The evening was great - weather summery and warm, but cooler and drier than the week long humid heat wave we suffered. They served up lots of passed apps, followed by a buffet of barbecued chicken, cole slaw, salads, and other sides, followed by great desserts. 

The wines:

Gorleri Vermentino
Mahoney Vermentino
Lamblin Bourgogne Blanc
Relativity Chardonnay
Voillot Bourgogne Rouge
Sinskey PN Aries
Janasse CdR
Lioco Indica Red

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