Monday, June 14, 2010

Bordeaux Update- New Arrivals and Complete List

 The 2009 futures campaign continues to roll along (click below for our list of new arrivals and current offers), and we will certainly see some of the top properties coming out in the near future. The vintage has in large part been labeled one of the "best ever", and I have to agree that is is certainly great, with potentially some Chateaux making wines that will rank amongst their finest efforts ever. But like all vintages there is variation, and there are some wines that are clearly better than others. As is the norm with nearly every wine we stock, we at 56 Degree wine prefer to taste for ourselves, make our selections, and offer a specialized culling of what we think is the best on offer rather than the shot gun "whatever-got-90-points-or-higher" approach. 
 I spent a week in Bordeaux back in March tasting the promising but tough young wines, and have made my selections on what I think will be the best in quality and value. Both at the very top of the price range, and even more importantly in the value category, we are committed to putting our money (literally) where our mouth is and selecting and offering only those wine we feel are superb examples in this vintage. Even in a hyped-up high quality vintage like 2009 there is value to be had, as many the the smaller properties "step it up", producing wines above their pedigree. One the high end, there are classics that will have their place in the history of great vintages.

 For a complete list and more info 56 Degree Wine Bordeaux 2009. Questions? Email me at Chris Cree MW

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