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Wine Experts, LLC was created by Master of Wine Christopher Cree in 1999 to offer a wide range of educational and entertaining wine programs for corporate clients, meeting planners, charitable organizations and private clients. Whether the goal is education, entertainment, reward or incentive programs, client development, or fund raising, our events provide a perfect venue for our clients to connect with their key customers, employees, suppliers or supporters. The casual and relaxed wine tasting environment also offers our clients a great setting to strengthen and build relationships and deliver their message in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.

We employ numerous different formats including food and wine pairing dinners, formal class room style seminars, casual “walk around” reception style tastings, and travel to wine regions. Seminars can be conducted either at your location or at a number of off-site venues such as hotels, conference centers, restaurants, and wine regions virtually anywhere in the world.
Our team of wine professionals is headed up by Chris Cree M.W., one of only 29 Americans to have earned the prestigious Master of Wine degree, and all of our speakers are vetted and certified to have substantial wine knowledge. But more importantly, they must have the personality and communication skills to deliver in an intelligent, sensible, down to earth manner that makes our events not only educational, but enjoyable and entertaining as well. As Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher of The Wall Street Journal quipped when referring to Chris: “Real wine experts aren’t snooty…they’re simply passionate about wine. You’d enjoy sharing a bottle with them.”

Our services include:

· Event location and planning
· Consulting with and or contracting caterers, restaurant staff and travel arrangements.
· Wine and menu selection.

Our event menu offers a number of themed tasting and class ideas. Most can be set in several formats depending on our clients’ goals and preferences and can be customized to suit specific individual requests.

Event Formats

Our classes are designed to be informative and enjoyable, delivering information to a professional level audience in an entertaining manner. They can be presented at an introductory through to an advanced level of knowledge. Most classes can be conducted as a stand-alone one time class or in a series. They can be customized to be either more formal or educational, or geared towards providing a more social networking type environment.

Classroom style: Wines tasted in seminar format, guests seated for comparative tasting and talk. Power point presentations are often used to enhance experience. This format can be coupled with a dinner and/or a reception for more complete experience.

Wine Dinner: Guests are treated to a themed wine pairing menu specifically selected by our team and a catering or restaurant partner, and we have worked with some of the best Chefs and Restaurants in the country. Typically a brief aperitif and reception with passed appetizers followed by multiple course dinner, with introductory welcome talk about the wines and menu and running commentary throughout the event.

Reception: “Cocktail hour” format with a wide range of wines typically served at stations. Great food pairing opportunities from passed appetizers to full food stations or both. Generally a short welcome and talk at some point early during the event.


Wine Experts works with a wide range of highly qualified speakers and wine educators, and speakers’ fees vary with qualification of speaker, type of event, planning, travel and other expenses. While Wine Experts LLC does not sell wine or food directly, our services include developing a budget, location, menus, wine and all aspects of your event, and events can be individually customized to suit a wide range of objectives and budgets.

Seminar Summaries

The Fundamentals of Fine Wine; Grapes, Terroir and Wine making: An introductory course that looks at the how and why behind wine styles. It examines the underlying factors that determine a wine’s style, price and flavor profile by examining the grape varieties, terroir and wine making techniques employed, literally from the ground up.

Old World/New World: A comparative tasting and seminar that focuses on similarities and differences between the European classics and new world counterparts. Tradition, terroir and technique all play a role in this fun and eye-opening seminar. This popular format delivers a lot of information in an entertaining, fast-paced, highly illustrative format.

Wines by Country: These courses focus on a single country, offering a broad look at the many different regional wine styles within a country and what makes them unique.

Wines by Region: Regional classes look more closely at the wine areas within a specific country, and offer a more in depth view into the world’s greatest wine regions. Regional courses are offered either individually, such as “The Wines of Bordeaux”, or in a series featuring a combination of all or some of the regions within a single country.

Courses by Wine Style or Grape: Examples include Rhone or Bordeaux varieties around the world, or Sparkling Wines: France vs. the World.

Real Wine: A discussion and tasting of natural, organic and Biodynamic wines. Find out why this growing trend and return to traditional methods is producing some of the greatest wines made.

To schedule and event or for more information, please contact Chris Cree at 908.310.6127 or via email at chris.cree@56degreewine.com. To read more, visit my blog at Down to Earth Wine or visit on Twitter Wine
For more information about Chris Cree click here: About Chris Cree M.W.

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